Edneer Mutt



Edneer Mutt is a Hindu monastic institution renowned as a seat of art and learning. Located about 10 km north east of Kasaragod, by the side of the river, Madhuvahini, the Mutt belongs to the line or parampara of Totakacharya, one of the four chief disciples of Adi Sankaracharaya. The chief deities in Edneer Mutt are Dakshinamurthi and Gopalakrishna. The Mutt follows the unique Smartha Bhagawatha tradition of Advaitha Philosophy which has more than 1200 years of glorious history of religion, culture, art, music and social service.

According to the popular belief it is said that centuries ago Totakacharya gave Sansaya to a Sivalli Brahmin (Tulu Nambi) who migrated to Kerala from Tulunad and entrusted him with the work of looking after the tradition of Sivalli Brahmins. It was Satchidananda Bharati, who was once the head of the mutt, who spread the glory of this place. Earlier known as "Sri Shankaracharya Totakacharya Mahasamsthanam", the place became an important centre of education, arts and culture during the period of Srimadiswarananda Bharati.

Very close to the mutt there is the temple of the Daiva Kuntipala Chamundi which is the guardian god of the mutt. Around the mutt there are four Bhoota Sthanas at Koorkapadi, Chambrampadi, Kandatteveed and Bhairamoole. Situated on Kasaragod-Puthur Road, Sri Kesavananda Bharati is the present head of Edneer Mutt.

How To Reach

Frequent buses are available to Edneer from Kasaragod town, Kanhangad and Bekal.

The place is situated about 13 km from Kasaragod, 18 km from Bekal and 33 km from Kanhangad.

Kasaragod Railway Station, about 13 km is the nearest railhead.

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Right to Information